Break Free.
Live Free.

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Break Free.
Live Free.

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Break Free.
Live Free.

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From Tracy Glass & Elk Lake Publisher

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detox your thoughts

Your 21-Day Challenge

Are you ready to move away from negative talk and thoughts to align with what God thinks about you! Come join the 21-Day Detox to mindfully remove these toxic, self-sabotaging thought patterns that are holding you hostage from fully embracing your God-given purpose.

Have you considered:

  • What if my negative thoughts and confessions were the things that hindered me from moving forward in life
  • What if I am believe a lie about my value to God?
  • What if, in 21 days, I can begin to see myself as God sees me?
  • What if, in 21 days, I become confident and bold in how I see myself?
  • What if my life begins to produce good fruit instead of bad fruit
Tracy L. Hester-Glass


Do you sometimes feel stuck? The truth is we all go through times in our life where our stuckness feels like a permanent place. The fact is your stuckness is not your forever destiny. God desires his daughters to break free from any issues that keep them from fulfilling his best plans for their lives. Are you ready to begin your journey of transforming into the God-created version of you? If so, I would love to help you get unstuck so you can start your journey of fulfilling your highest potential in God.


As an award-winning author, I write to help women heal so they can also discover and become the women they're destined to be. [Read More]

Life Coach

As a Certified Life Coach, my life is committed to Christ-centered coaching, mentoring, and resources to assist women to live a more fulfilled and abundant life—their best life!
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Tracy would love to speak at your next event. She will lead your audience on a journey of sharing how she used her challenges of divorce, raising children, and juggling the many aspects of every life as fuel to discover her true identity and purpose in God.
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Ministry Leader

As a mentor and leader at my church, I've become deeply dedicated to working with women who are looking to grow deeper spiritually in their walk with Jesus.
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mission & vision

Uplift. Encourage. Empower.

I've grown deeply passionate about uplifting, encouraging and empowering women to foster their walk with God and to live out their true kingdom identity and purpose.

  • Mentoring: Your best life acheived
  • Women’s Identity
  • Empowerment
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