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Speaker & ministry Leader

Passion and Purpose

Speaker Events

Tracy would love to speak at your next event. She will lead your audience on a journey of sharing how she used her challenges of divorce, raising children, and juggling the many aspects of every life as fuel to discover her true identity and purpose in God. Tracy will invite women to understand the importance of finding true intimacy with God. When we discover who God is at a deeper level, we also discover who God has created us as Kingdom Women. Women will understand that the Kingdom life is their best and most fulfilled life, and be inspired to pursue God with a new passion.

Tracy is a Toastmasters International certified speaker. She has been inspiring women through her speaking for over ten years.

Yes, God is more than ready to overwhelm you with every form of grace, so that you will have more than enough of everything—every moment and in every way. He will make you overflow with abundance in every good thing you do.

2 Corinthians 9:8( TPT)

Sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Ministry Leader & Mentor

Today, Tracy is a mentoring leader at her church in addition to her women's mentoring group Kingdom Women. She is passionate about working with women who are recovering from divorce and other relational challenges. Tracy also works in other ministries at your church that focus on the restoration and healing of people’s lives!

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